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Welcome to Prime Domain Registration Services!

At, we are not the low cost producer, but we are committed to provide the best domain name solution to our customers. We deliver quality, reliability and value to our customers for domain registration services.

ACE Domain Name Services     

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Reasons for a domain name

Make use of space of your existing web hosting (no need to buy another hosting plan)
Domain name can be use to do the branding of your products, say your have a new lines of products, by registering a domain for this products and you can "forward the domain to the existing web hosting accounts. Hence, without our free web forwarding, you will be able to forward (for the following examples) using web forwarding (example do    not click it)

Related products is put on the web page to provide information for your customers.

In case, you are a start up company why not get a free page at after signing domain with us. Forget about the difficult and long names and use your own domain name. Create a web page is never as easier as before!!

Low cost email solution
Point to your existing hotmail or yahoo! Mail or existing ISP mail. You can set as much as 50 emails and forwarding them like this:  to A better image and a easier remember email address.

The most important usage is prevent email spam, register your email say for subscriptions of free newsletter. You can delete your email account if spam emails have been received and then set up for another purposes. It costs you US$0.04 per day or HK$0.30 per day. It is affordable.

Note: Avoid using,, because they seems to block our email forwarding. To Play Safe, Always do testing to ensure that the email forwarding is working before inform the others your email. The email forwarding to provide free by our registrar,

For business purchase, because email forwarding will be be 100% guarantee to be able to delivery within 1 minutes. We will suggest you to order either's POP3 account (1 packs for 10 POP3 account each at US$19.95 per year. ) Please sign up the form:

Flexibility to switch to other ISP
With our free DNS services, you are change your nameservers to your future web hosting company without any costs. In case you have problems to do this, we are here to help you. We like to support others to achieve success.

Control of ownership of domain names
Let your web hosting company to register the domain name for you, you may not have any access to change the registrar. In case, the "dot com" broken down, you may not be able to claim back your domain. But with us, you can control and we seek to survive by keeping our cost as low as possible. Without high capital investment layout, we last longer with our customers' support.

Easy transfer of ownership
Contact us and we will information how to transfer the ownership, it was easier than ever.

We are here to serve not only to make some small money
Our clients will enjoy our promised responses. Our servers will be connect to the registrar in real time and all the money will be collected by the registrar for hold for 90 days before allocating the balance to our account. In fact, excluding the transaction cost, we earn only from HK$5.9 per year per domain. Normally, this amount is eaten by the high bank charge for collecting US$ cheque.

We provide FREE domain lock-down
You can prevent and protect your domain name from transfer to other registrars. (You have full control and can change this setting on or off at any time.)

Lowest cost than ever!
Just HK$0.24 (US$0.03) per day, youu can prevent and protect your domain name from being expired. (You have full control and can change this setting on or off at any time.). You may find domain company that have lower cost, but for such price, can you expect any support from the domain company? We commit to respond within six hours during office hours (Mon to Fri 9:00 to 6:00).

Domain name is unique, your favorite domains can be registered and you will have to pay high to get it back!
More than 500,000 domains were registered each month i.e. not less than 16,000 domains were registered everyday. The daomain available at this time can be registered by someone a second later. Secure your favorite domains before they got registered. Why have to feel regret for losing a domain for just HK$86 per year (US$10.99).

Not only for commercial, many other purposes!
JYou can share your idea with the world through your domain, it is better than using long names as . Just point it to or .net or ,info. So exciting but without large layout of money.

There is a lot of restriction for a Hong Kong domain names, we will suggest .com, .org or .net which cost less with lesser restriction. Please click here to go to Register a Hong Kong Domain Name if you still want them!

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