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Web site pointing - FAQ's



Q. What is Web Site Pointing?

  • If you already have web content or are creating content, you can point your domain to any other web site or IP address on the Internet.  There ere are three powerful options for Web Site Pointing - URL Redirection, URL Frame and IP Address Pointing.

Q. Is there an additional fee for Web Site Pointing?

  • No, this is an added powerful free feature beyond your domain registration when you use our nameservers.

Q. What is URL Redirection?

  • Your domain is pointed to a specific web site on the Internet and the destination web site address appears in the browser.

Q. What is URL Frame?

  • Your domain is pointed to a specific web site on the Internet and your domain name appears in the browser.  This increases perception of your domain name and helps brand your site.

Q. What is IP Address Pointing

  • Your domain is pointed to a specific IP Address that you have been given by a hosting company or other source. Please noted that A Address pointing works only on "Unique IP address" or "Static IP address". In addition, some hosting company may limited each domain per hosting. Please use URL forwarding with Frame function in this case; otherwise you may receive an error page. 

Q. Do I have to use your nameservers to use Web Site Pointing?

  • Your domain must use our nameservers to take advantage of the free web site URL redirection and IP address pointing.  You can choose to use outside nameservers for any domain you would like to, but then we lose control of the domain pointing and email forwarding features.

Q. How Can I Set Up Web Site Pointing And IP Address Pointing?

  • Login in to your domain control panel and scroll to the "Hosts" section.
  • Put in the following text on the top two lines in this section for the domain control panel.  Type or select what is in quotations for each corresponding column:

    Hostname:   "www"
    Address:      "@"
    RecordType:   "CNAME (Alias)"
    Mx Pref:         "10"
    (The above record insures that web surfers will be able to access your site
    when they type in your domain name with or without the "www" before

    Hostname:   "@"
    Address:      "actual web site or page -
    RecordType:   "URL Redirect"  or  "URL Frame"   (see note below)
    Mx Pref:         "10"
    (The above record redirects your domain name to another page on the web -
    URL Redirect keeps the web page address in the browser / URL Frame keeps
    your domain name in the browser - this is your choice)

    Please note that when you change nameservers it can take 12-36 hours for the change to become live or propogated across the Internet.  The changes that you make described above in the "Hosts" section can be pre-configured, so they will take place as soon as the nameserver information has been updated in the whois database.

    Future changes or updates to website redirection and/or email forwarding with no changes in the nameservers may take only 1-4 hours to update
    (sometimes these changes are updated within 5-10 minutes) - because the
    information remains on the our nameservers.

    This is what it should look like when you're finished:




Record Type

MX Pref




IP Address Pointing

(Another option instead of "URL Redirect" or "URL Frame" is to select "A
(Address)" for the Record Type.  This is only used when you want to point
your domain name directly to a specific "IP Address".  If you use this
option, in the Address column, type in the exact numerical IP address. Please note that CNAME and A Address are advanced options of domain name management services. They required a static IP or unique IP address to achieve this. In addition, the hosting company may restrict one domain per hosting. In this case, please consider using URL forwarding with frame to achieve it. In our experience, we have two site and some domains. However, as we are using shared web hosting with shared IP, we can only use URL forwarding to forward domains.

Using CNAME and A Address required advance techniques and with Nameservers techniques which we may not be able to support.

eNom.com has very less information on this. It (CNAME & A Address) seems important for web hosting company but not to general user. 


Please visit the following page to test-drive the power of eNom.com's DNS system.


Try it before adjust the DNS, you may know the result in advance.  



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