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Author: Topic: free domain name
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Posted: Dec 07, 2002 8:19:15 pm    Profile email Support Visit

Sorry, we don't provide.

But do provide "free" domain name.

What does Dot TK stand for
Every country has, according to the International Standard Organization a two -letter extension to define the origin of the domain name. Dot TK stands for the last two letters of the Tokelau country code Top-Level Domain registry. Other examples are for instance Germany that has .de extension, Belgium that has .be extension or the United Kingdom that has .uk extension. Tokelau has ended up with .tk (pronounced as Dot TK).

Where is Tokelau?
Tokelau consists of three large atolls 480 km north of Western Samoa (Tokelau means 'north' in the Polynesian language).

What do I need to receive my free domain name with Dot TK?
In order to use your FREEDOMAIN.TK you need to have an existing webpage, website or homepage somewhere on the Internet. Your webpage needs to be up and running, providing content and reachable by the rest of the world so your new Dot TK address can refer to it. Your website address could contain any text, dashes or slashes, as long as the website address (or URL) is reachable online.

What if I don't have an existing web address?
Free registrations are not possible if you don't have an existing web address. You need an existing web address because the registration process will take effect immediately.

Can I loose my free Dot TK domain name?
[blue]Yes, having a free Dot TK domain name does not give you the legal ownership. Dot TK allows you to use your chosen Dot TK domain name as long as you have 30 visitors or more on your domain name once every 90 days. Activity must include website access to your Dot TK website. If you don't have more than 30 visitors to your website in 90 days, your website is either not up or you did not provide any content. That will result in a cancellation of your registration. Your domain name will then be automatically available for other registrants to register either as a free or as a paid registration.

At, we don't have free domain non we have any requirement for the traffic of the domain. Just paid for the domain and you get all the DNS services (if you choose our nameservers) Why brother for a "free" domain name.

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