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(you may print this page when you registered your domain with us)

Procedures for the domain name registration is as simply as follows:

  • 1. Think of a name that you loved first

 (but becare of infringement of copyright of famous and large company). Say I my company was is Madison of US and is trading paper. I may try to type in MADISONPAPER.COM  and click  [check] under the Domain.

Our suggestion is that the name should be unique (for example, etc).

Domain registration is first-come-first-service basis. You cannot get the domain when it was registered. Unless, the owner transfer the domain to you. So hurry and get one for your company or for promoting yourself.



If the name is available, congratulations, you are on the way to get it. Our system is linked to the ICANN Accredited Registrar,, and the registration system will guide you throughout the purchase.

  • 2. Please click the radio button for the name you want, say and click [Purchase].
You will be guide to a new page, get a piece of paper and think of a password for your new domain and write it down. You will need to the password to control your domain in the future. If your forget your password, please send us an email through your administration email address.
  • 3. Please noted that the registration form will gather the following information

Please enter all the field with [*] fill NIL if not applicable otherwise problem may come out

Your First Name

Last Name (or family name),


City, State (if any; otherwise please type in NIL), postal code ( if any; otherwise please type in NIL),

Country; and

Organisation (if you registered for your company or fill in NIL for yourself or your friend).

Job Title (file in "NIL" if not want to disclose)

Email address (enter your email address)

Phone (leave phone number if possible mobile phone)

Fax (NIL if applicable)

Then the most important information is your email address. Please noted that you need this email to received password and change of ownership of initiate transfer. So keep this email address. It may be hotmail, yahoo mail or your ISP' email address depends on who is more reliable. The last thing is your phone (you may write NIL) You can change it anytime without any charge at . Domain -- your domain (eg PRIMEDNR.COM); Password: Your Password when you registered your domain. Press [Login].

  • 4. Enter your credit card information, it is valid for this time only.

Please noted that our registration system is connected to a secured server which data can be encrpted up to 128bit (depends on your brower). Hence, it is save and secured and you will be billed "Domain Name Registration" in your credit card statement. Please kept the copy of credit card statements as an receipt for registration in case you register this for your company. To register just click the [Purchase] once.

Beware of the following otherwise registration may not be successful:

Click the box below to accept the terms

  I have read and agree to all terms and conditions.

*Credit Card type:   Select the correct type
*Cardholder's Name  
(as it appears on the card)  
*Credit Card number:  

*Expiration Date:  
*Cardholder's street address  
As it appears on your Credit Card bill  
(without city, state, country)  
*Cardholder's Zip  
As it appears on your Credit Card bill  
Credit card verification number  
*Required if it's on your card  
Usualy last 3 digits in the back of the card. 4 digit at front for AMEX


Click purchase


  • 5. Your wil receive an email in you contact email address for the confirmation of orders. That's all.

Content of the email will be as follows:

Registry Rocket has just processed and Order for [] for [1] year(s).  The amount of this order is [$10.99].

The Order number is [123456789]
You Can return to to manage your name

Please wait up 12 to 48 hours for your domain to go live because the details of the domain has to be spread along the internet registry over the time. However, once your received your confirmation (generated automatically by our registrar, The domain is registered by you.

Please check your domain details at the following link: Please type in the "domain.ext" and the press [search]. In case there is any information which need to amend, please change your contact information at

  • 6. Visit our forum to see first if you are new to services offered by, our partner. Please visit the forum and/or leave us  submit us a ticket any time. In case you change your administrative email address, please submit a ticket to with subject "change of email -"
  • We are sorry that all sales and final and would not be refund. (eNom will not refund to us too. Think twice before register. And register it as soon as it is required!
  • Please check your mail at yahoo! or Hotmail! (bulk or Junk mail section) if you have enable the spam mail protection. Otherwise, you may not received our email.
  •  Fraud Orders -- Since, our registrar, used an advance technology in preventing fraud and detecting fraud order. If you experienced difficulty in order (claimed as fraud order ie. your domain fail to function a few days after registration. Please email to us support[at] --- replace [at] with @. I shall register the domain manually for you.
  • Please noted that no refund in case you cannot use A Address, our technical support will only answer query from using URL redirect and Frame redirect. For A Address and CNAME, we will try our best to provide information to help our customers to maximize the function of the DNS. Please come to see the Nameservers and web site pointing section at our forums. has tried our best to provide the best information available to our customers free. We accept no responsibility for the loss of using A Address or CNAME.


By default we provide domain lock, but please note that you can unlock the domain anytime only if you want to transfer it out from us because with "active" status, you domain will be transfer out very easily and it can be stolen. The followings are steps to unlock your domain.

1) Login into our control panel : Login here

2) At the mid of the page, locate

Do not allow this name to be transferred to another registrar.

Remove the "Tick" from the check box and your domain is now active


Important Notice Regarding your Domain(s)

Dear Domain Administrator,

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, requires all registrars to ask their domain administrators and/or registrants to annually review their domain name contact data and to make whatever changes are needed to ensure that it's accurate and current.

If your review indicates that all of your domain contact data is accurate, there's no need to take any action. So if any of your domain contact information is inaccurate, you must correct it.


To review the ICANN policy directing this review please visit
Thanks for your attention to this ICANN-required annual review.

Sincerely, Domain Support





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