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PrimeDNR.com , strives to bring you the very best domain related services at unbeatable prices . We are a new comers to the domain registration markets. We are established to add choices to the domain registration services. Currently, as the economic downturn in Hong Kong, we are lowering the price of the domain to US$10.99 (i.e. We earn only US$0.76 per domain year just to cover the webhosting cost)! We shall overcome!

We were upset because of the existing of discount domain registration services. We are not able to find the suitable registration services because many providers are similar to others (they are resellers). Most of them emphasized to be a lower cost providers. However, there is cost for each domain registration. It costed around US$6 per domain for cost to be paid to Internic.org . Our cost will be the wholesale price given by our strategic partners, eNom.com, the profit margin of a doman registration is low. Hence, we provide domain services not only for profits but also as an alternative chanel of domain registration services for end-user and other partners. You support will be necessary to keep us online!!

We believed that in order to stay in business, we have to provide good services and stay in business as long as possible. Otherwise, there will be an interruption of services to our valued customers and we will not be able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Imagined that your domain name registrar has gone out of business.You may not be able to change your domain name registrar and you domain will be down.

In order to survive in the competing world, we seek to lower the cost of operation while we will charge our customers for a reasonable price. In term of price, certainly we are not the lowest but we try our best to provide quality services.

Selecting Enom.com as our partner, we are now providing full ranges of domain name services to our customers. We offer the most incredible, richly featured domain registration accounts that exist in the market today. Take a look at the benefits of our accounts . Sign up today , and start save!

If you'd like to contact us, please submit us a ticket for assistance! . Thank you for visiting our site. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are new comer for web design or domain name, we will suggest you to use free web hosting services, after you get the skills or web design, you may start to order web hosting services. With our powerful DNS services (free with each domain ordered), you can save more. In case, you web business become large in size, ordering web hosting may be a must solution, then you can change the nameservers easily from ours to your web hosting company. Of course, we will be glad if you can use our domain registration services. We provide this services of because of the money earned but because we will like to see more and more people build their own websites (that can make the internet world look brighter). So we will not force customers to purchase more domain name, we just want each domain name to be used (at least as an email address) i.e. we want our customers benefit from using our services (e.g.they can have their own email addresses and domain names).  



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